founder, dentoalveolar oral surgeon specialist
Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Implantology and Dental Surgery


„We know that the power of a sincere smile can open unimaginable doors.”

Dr. Ferenc Horváth

founder, managing director,
specialist in dental and oral diseases
Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Implantology and Dental Surgery



    El tudja képzelni, milyen érzés lehet reggel még gyulladt, mozgó fogakkal, vagy fogak nélkül ébredni, és aznap este már az új rögzített fogpótlással hazatérni?

    Az Implant Központ Budában, szakorvosaink segítségével mindez lehetséges.


Available treatments

  • Conventional implantation
  • Immediate implantation
  • Implantation with 3 D navigation
  • implantation with the help of a surgical template
  • All on 4 Protocol
  • Full oral rehabilitation
  • Bone grafting
  • Tooth removal
  • Removal of broken tooth root
  • Wisdom tooth removal
  • Root tip resection
  • "Pink Aesthetics"
  • Deep cleaning, curettage
  • Soft tissue plastic surgery
  • Metal-free dentures,
  • Ceramic veneer
  • Smile Makover
  • ZOOM teeth whitening
  • Lip filling
  • Wrinkle filling
  • Botox treatments
  • Microscopic root canal treatment
  • Microscopic dental filling
  • Microscopic dentures
  • Microscopic oral surgery
  • Microscopic periodontal treatments
  • CBCT
  • Low radiation digital x-ray
  • impressions with a 3shape mouth scanner
  • Digital smile design
  • SmileWarp digital dental map
  • X-ray tooth decay detection and survey
  • Professional dental cleaning (EMS Prophylaxis Master)
  • Ultrasonic tartar removal
  • Sandblasting


We do not compromise on the quality of our work and the materials used. These two go hand in hand for us, so our patients can be sure that they will be received at our clinic by the most experienced professionals who work with the highest quality dental tools and materials.

Garancia - Biztonság, szakértelem
Guarantee – Safety, expertise

We only use premium implants from the market-leading companies Straumann in Switzerland and Nobel Biocare in Sweden, for which we offer a lifetime guarantee. In case of complications or problems, these implants will be replaced free of charge.

The Implant Center Buda is also the official Hungarian reference and training center of both international companies

“TIME IS MONEY!” – Guarantee

Since the establishment of our practice, we have paid special attention to avoiding unnecessary waiting. We do our best to respect the time of our patients, which is why we have introduced the so-called “Time is money!” – guarantee:

if it is our responsibility to delay your previously agreed time, we will give a refund of HUF 5,000 per quarter of an hour for a delay of more than 30 minutes.

Further information

Please respect our time, and if you are unable to show up at the pre-arranged time, call our telephone number +36 20 557 1964 or +36 1 291 4651 or send an SMS ( TXT) at least 24 hours in advance! If you miss this or cancel or change your appointment within 24 hours, the availability fee of HUF 10,000 per half hour will be charged for the next treatment. If you want to avoid this, we will of course be happy to take care of your family member, acquaintance or friend during the treatment reserved for you, whom you will send on your own, but please also indicate this on the phone number above!

The warranty package of the Implant Center Buda can be validated under the following conditions:

  • adherence to the oral hygiene protocol we recommend and prescribe
  • 4 months of follow-up examinations, and performing the treatments recommended during the follow-up examinations within the time frame recommended by us

In order to maintain proper oral hygiene, our patients are required to attend a full range of professional dental hygiene treatments at our clinic at least once a year.

The warranty does not apply to:

  • changes due to harmful habits (eg. gnashing of teeth at night, poor oral hygiene, smoking, regular alcohol and / or drug use, etc.)
  • injuries resulting from improper use or accident
  • for treatments performed in another office or by another dentist
  • deterioration due to a disease that has developed in the meantime

Warranty interventions can only be performed at our clinic.

The Implant Center Buda is not in a position to reimburse the costs of treatment performed by another dentist in another dental practice.


Our collegues

Dr. Ferenc Horváth

founder, managing director, specialist in dental and oral diseases
Master of Science (M.Sc.)
in Implantology and
Dental Surgery


founder, dentoalveolar oral surgeon specialist
Master of Science (M.Sc.)
in Implantology and
Dental Surgery

Dr. Nóra Heffter

periodontal specialist

Dr. Enikő Balogh


Tímea Magyar

dental hygienist, dental assistant

Tünde Martinkovics

dental hygienist, dental assistant

Nóra Légrádi

dental hygienist, dental assistant

Szőke Márta

Esztétikai kozmetikus

Alexandra Szélyes

receptionist and patient coordinator

More than a dentistry


    We make dentures in our own dental laboratory. Our dental technicians will consult with you personally so that your individual ideas can be realized and together we can create the dream smile for you.


    To ensure a high degree of sterility for months, the W&H Autoclave disinfects our instruments with the help of pressurized, saturated water vapor generated in its interior, thus destroying the microorganisms harmful to health on their surface.


    Our Miele thermo-disinfector allows us to thoroughly and reliably clean and disinfect our dental tools at a high temperature.


    In the Buda offices of the Implant Center, our doctors use Ophardt non-contact taps to wash in for our treatments. The devices also dispense hot water, disinfectant soap and hand sanitizer without touching them by hand.


    To sterilize the entire air space of our clinic, we installed germicidal lamps in our cooling-heating ventilation system. The radiation of the lamp destroys the bacteria, viruses and fungi in the air, cleans the air in the entire area of ​​the office 24 hours a day.


    After that, our patients can use the contactless hand sanitizer Ophardt from Germany, thus preventing the spread of pathogens.


    We want our patients to know that they can feel safe and they are in good hands at our clinic. Not only the maximum professional commitment, but also the observance of the highest hygiene standards contributes to all this.

    Upon arrival, all of our patients’ shoes are coated with an automatic shoe foil machine with a thin layer of foil, thus ensuring that no dirt gets into our office.


    Your healthy, confident smile is in our common interest and heart, so we won’t let go of our hands even after our treatments. The success of a dental procedure ultimately depends largely on follow-up oral care and precise medical follow-up examinations. At our clinic, we uniquely conduct mandatory follow-up examinations every 4 months in order to be able to remedy any kind of problem that arises in the initial stage. This is how we can ensure the satisfaction of our patients and even a lifetime guarantee.


    For your convenience, we provide the necessary medicines and oral hygiene products in the days after the treatment, a mouthwash, and, if necessary, pre-chilled ice gel. This saves you time and energy, as it is not necessary to go to a separate pharmacy, queue up or wait.


    We know that the lack of teeth also affects all people spiritually, so in our clinic there is a separate rest room for those participating in the oral rehabilitation procedure, which opens directly from our operating room. Our expert colleagues are at your fingertips at any time. The discreet, private room allows you to see no one but your surgeon and assistant while your denture is complete (your attendant can, of course, accompany you).


    Your physical and mental well-being is the most important to us. In order to minimize the inconveniences associated with dental interventions, you do not have to leave the clinic without a temporary denture. Whether the procedure is a bridge replacement or a larger-breathing implant surgery, you will always receive an immediate temporary denture.


    During our oral surgical procedures, the Piezomed ultrasound device facilitates the work of our doctors in cases such as broken tooth roots, tooth extraction, bone replacement and other bone surgeries. Ultrasound technology also makes the lives of our patients noticeably easier: the treatment involves less pain, less swelling (it works the bone more gently), and a shorter regeneration phase.


    With the sandblasting technique of the Swiss EMS Airflow Prophylaxis Master, we can perform tartar removal and professional tooth cleaning painlessly. Thanks to its gentleness and precision, the enamel is not damaged, yet it completely removes even the tartar under the gums. The high-tech device performs three different treatments at the same time: it removes tartar, polishes it, and whitens teeth. It provides virtually three services for the price of a single treatment.


    In order to get the clearest and most detailed picture of the condition of your teeth and jawbones, all without unnecessary radiation exposure, our clinic GENDEX GXDP-800 Cone Beam CT completes the digital diagnostics. Our greatest help in all areas of our work, be it a simple tooth extraction, root canal treatment, oral surgery and periodontal surgery, or even a more breath-taking implantation procedure.


    Magnification, accuracy, precision – our Zeiss Extaro 300 dental microscope helps us with root canal and aesthetic dental treatment, but it can also be used during periodontal or oral surgery.


    At our clinic, all treatments are performed by a specialist or section assistant with outstanding knowledge in his or her field. The implantation procedures and the complete oral rehabilitation are performed by the founders of the clinic, Dr. Nikolett Gelesz and Dr. Ferenc Horváth. You can be sure that whatever complaint you contact us with, it will fall into the best hands in our practice.

  • We believe that our secret lies in the small details, the real attention and care, which makes our patients feel that they will have an unprecedented dental and medical experience in our clinic.



    Our goal is to provide a positive dental experience for our patients and to minimize the inconveniences associated with examinations. Our Trios 4 mouth scanner enables hygienic, gentle, inconvenient- and pain-free impressions. Nausea, difficulty breathing and irritation from impression materials can be avoided. We get an instant 3D virtual image of your teeth, revolutionizing the technique of dental impression. The scanner combines excellent scanning and pioneering caries diagnostic technology that allows early detection of both surface and interdental caries that are invisible to the naked eye, all without X-rays.


Karisma treatment
Karisma treatment 2ml 150 000 Ft
Skin booster treatment
Skin booster treatment 3+1ml 345 000 Ft
IPRF treatment
Face+neck 180 000
Face+neck+decolletage 215 000 Ft
Scalp 120 000 Ft
Jovena Plasma treatment
Upper eyelids 120 000 Ft
Lower eyelids 120 000 Ft
Lower+upper eyelids 180 000 Ft
face, neck, decolletage, face+neck, face+neck+decolletage, hand, belly, arm The price is determined depending on the size of the area treated.
1 region 70 000 Ft
2 region 130 000 Ft
3 region 180 000 Ft
Thread lift mono or screw 6 000 Ft /thread
Lifting (cog vagy tüskés) 30 000 Ft /thread
Karisma treatment 130 000 Ft /treatment
Ejal40 arckezelés 130 000 Ft / treatment, 3 treatment: 325.000 Ft
Aqualix fat-dissolving injection treatment
double chin 85 000 Ft
1x10x10 cm area 89 000 Ft
2x10x10 cm area 155 000 Ft
3x10x10 cm area 215 000 Ft
4x10x10 cm area 240 000 Ft
Topical treatment 9 500 Ft
Hialuron filling/ ml 130 000 Ft
lip filling 130 000 Ft
Nucleofill treatment 95 000 Ft / treatment
Oral examination and consultation for the first time, without 3D CT scan 25 000 HUF
Oral surgery consultation, exclusively with 3D CT scan 70 000 HUF
Periodontal consultation, exclusively with 3D CT scan 70 000 HUF
Preparation of a written price offer and a complex treatment plan (will be deducted from the completed work upon delivery) 35 000 HUF
First encounter package (3D CT scan, oral examination, focal research, consultation, professional dental cleaning) 85 000 HUF
Digital 3D ConeBeam CT image 45 000 HUF
Digital panoramic X-ray 14 000 HUF
Digital tele-X-ray 14 000 HUF
Digital periapical X-ray 7 000 HUF
Tooth extraction 40 000 - 60 000 HUF
Wisdom tooth removal 75 000 HUF
Oral surgery (surgical removal of wisdom tooth, root apex resection, sinus occlusion, etc.) 80 000 - 120 000 HUF
Professional tartar removal, polishing with EMS Prophylaxis Master + Oral hygiene consultation (performed by a specialist) 65 000 HUF
Professional tartar removal, polishing with EMS Prophylaxis Master + Oral hygiene consultation (performed by a dental hygienic section assistant) 50 000 HUF
Under-gum pouch - closed curette / tooth 19 000 HUF
Under-gum pouch - closed curette / quadrant 85 000 HUF
Lobe pouch surgery - open curette / tooth 49 000 HUF
Lobe sac surgery - regenerative / tooth 60 000 HUF
Bone substitutes and regenerative materials By appointment
Gum plastic surgery with connective tissue transplantation / tooth 70 000 HUF
Gum plastic surgery with gum replacement xenograft material / tooth 60 000 HUF
Reinforcement of moving teeth with Ribbond stiffening fiber (per member) 49 000 HUF
Tight gum forming surgery with implants 430 000 HUF
Tight gingival surgery with implants after Sausage surgery 430 000 HUF
Straumann BLT SLA Implant 375 000 HUF
Straumann BLT Roxolid SLActive Implant 470 000 HUF
Straumann BLX Roxolid SLActive Implant 550 000 HUF
Straumann TLX Roxolid SLActive Implant 550 000 HUF
Immediate implantation: the surgical fee also includes the surgical removal of the tooth or root. 119 000 Ft
Immediate implantation supplemented with IDR surgery. 570 000 Ft
Immediate temporary screwable implant structure 155 000 Ft
acial cavity lifting (open-closed) 190 000 - 510 000 HUF
Larger bone replacement interventions 365 000 - 795 000 HUF
Additional bone replacement performed at the same time as implantation 510 000 HUF
BTI-Endoret system for bone regeneration from own blood F2 fraction 115 000 HUF
BTI-Endoret system from own blood for bone regeneration mixed with bone substitute and own bone (Safescraper) + F2 fraction 650 000 HUF
BTI-Endoret system from own blood for bone regeneration mixed with bone substitute and own bone (Safescraper) + Membrane + F2 fraction 755 000 HUF
BTI-Endoret system from own blood for bone regeneration during sinus lift surgery 275 000 HUF
The horizontal structure of the jawbone in a toothless area is 365 000 - 585 000 HUF
The vertical structure of the jawbone in a toothless area is 560 000 - 800 000 HUF
Aesthetic tooth-colored restorations / fillings 59 500 - 119 000 HUF
Metal-free aesthetic tooth color IPS E-max Inlay 145 000 - 185 000 HUF
Glass fiber pin construction 90 000 HUF
Microscopic root canal treatment and root canal filling, depending on the number of canals from 119 000 HUF
Root canal treatment trepanation 1 root canal tooth 54 500 HUF
Root filling 1 root canal tooth 66 500 HUF
Root canal treatment trepanation 2 root canal teeth 59 500 HUF
Root filling 2 root canal teeth 81 000 HUF
Root canal trepanation 3 root canal teeth 73 500 HUF
Root canal filling 3 root canal teeth 95 000 HUF
Root canal trepanation 4 root canal teeth 73 500 HUF
Root canal filling 4 root canal teeth 109 500 HUF
Removal of root filling per channel 17 000 HUF
Root canal treatment - cleaning, dilation, disinfection, temporary filling (if necessary, occasionally) 25 000 HUF
Metal-free CAD / CAM Zircon crown, bridge (per tooth) 199 000 HUF
Metal-free IPS E.max crown 219 000 HUF
Direct veneer 119 000 HUF
Closure of diasthema with direct veneer per tooth 130 000 HUF
IPS E.Max veneer 219 000 HUF
Temporary veneer crown, bridge 30 000 HUF
CAD / CAM Temporary veneer, crown, bridge 45 000 HUF
Visualization (modeling of a planned tooth in the mouth) - mock up 25 000 HUF
Screw retained Zircon crown per implants 280 000 HUF
Removable dentures with premium teeth 440 000 - 510 000 HUF
Night guard 47 000 HUF
Professional tartar removal, polishing with EMS Prophylaxis Master + Oral hygiene consultation (performed by a specialist) 50 000 HUF
ZOOM WhiteSpeed professional teeth whitening 190 000 HUF
Traditional teeth whitening with rail for home use 119 000 HUF
Combined premium teeth whitening 245 000 HUF
Medical aesthetic consultation, in case of taking any aesthetic treatment. free
Medical aesthetic consultation, if no treatment is taken. 50 000 Ft/occasion
Wrinkle filling (with Hyaluronic acid, Teosyal products) depending on the required amount of material 130 000 HUF/ml
Lip filling (with Hyaluronic acid, Teosyal product) depending on the required amount of material 130 000 HUF/ml
Botox treatment (with Dysport, Vistabell) by region  depending on the amount of material required  from from 70 000 HUF
One region (crow’s -feet / glabella / forehead) 70 000 HUF
Two regions (crow's -feet + glabella, forehead + glabella, crow's feet + forehead 130 000 HUF
Three regions (crow's -feet  + glabella + forehead) 180 000 HUF
Sweating treatment (armpit, sole, palm) 190 000 Ft
Dissolving a hyaluronic acid filler performed elsewhere under anesthesia 79 000 Ft/occasion
Our price list contains our earliest treatments, our prices are for information only. We will inform you of the exact cost after a personal consultation with our doctors, when handing over the treatment plan.

How to contact us?

+36 20 557 1964
+36 30 127 8188
+36 1 291 4651

Monday to Friday: 08:00 to 20:00
Saturday-Sunday: closed

Telephone registration and appointment required!